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Welcome to my Wiki!

Please note that at the moment, I am not accepting account requests from anyone unknown to me. I hope to open this up a bit in the near future - if you have previously applied and been rejected, I will contact you again when I open up membership

There's still some setting up to be done, so the links below are for me...

This is a general Wiki - I intend on having the following kind of content here:

  1. Discographies
  2. Giles Cartoons information
  3. My Doctor Who Serials collection
  4. My Isle of Man First Day Covers collection

... plus other odds and sods (see sidebar)

I will also use it for testing formatting, etc, for my work on Wikipedia (Incidentally, if you use wikipedia:London it links to the English Wikipedia article about the city of my birth (also with a display-text, also you can use {{wikipedia|article|display-text}} like London or display-text which adds an indication that the link is to Wikipedia, not this Wiki!)

I have also set it up so that it can use any images on Wikimedia Commons....

[[File:TE-Collage London.png]] TE-Collage London.png

[[File:TE-Collage London.png|thumb]]

TE-Collage London.png

[[File:TE-Collage London.png|caption goes here]] caption goes here

[[File:TE-Collage London.png|thumb|caption goes here]]

caption goes here

I am setting this up so that anyone can read it, but you have to register to be able to edit it.

Thank you! PhantomSteve/talk|contribs\ 13:43, 16 February 2014 (GMT)

Useful templates, etc on this wiki

  • {{Wikipedia|Article[|Pipe]}}
    Links to a Wikipedia article
    • {{Wikipedia|Computer}}
    • Gives Computer which links to the Wikipedia article called Computer
    • {{Wikipedia|Computer|those new-fangled machines}}
    • Gives those new-fangled machines which links to the Wikipedia article called Computer, but which the link text reading those new-fangled machines
    • {{Wikipedia|No such article}}
    • Gives No such article which links to the non-existant Wikipedia article No such article - note that the link is still blue, as its existance can't be checked from this Wiki

Extension stuff...

Getting started